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The Self-Help Industry Helps No One!

by Karen Garvey on 10/19/15

The other day, I heard someone say, 

“The self-help industry helps no one.”

The man’s statement got me to thinking about a few things.

1. Why do we love to describe things in absolutes?  All or nothing?  If you veer towards claiming statements that are definitive without any wiggle room, you will close your mind.  Watch how this works.  I once had a client for whom I got a message about her husband. I intuited that he could benefit from an increase in carbs in his diet.  I didn’t realize that he had been sick for seven months, increasingly, to the point of missing work periodically for the past few weeks.  Until now, the age of 38, he had never taken a sick day.  I also didn’t know that she had, eight months earlier, put her whole family on a carb-free diet because she wanted to “lose weight and get healthy.”  

The closed mind of an “absolute” in our thinking will block our intuition.  Intuition is a surer resource for beneficial knowledge than relying entirely on external information to determine what’s best for you.

2. Seeking information from the “self-help” industry simply means that an individual is open to become more aware.  There are conditions about a person’s life that may not be optimal, and seeking “help for oneself” opens the possibility of becoming aware of an idea, exercise, person, suggestion, or perspective that can shift a non-beneficial way of thinking to one that leads to an increase in fulfillment, harmony, peace, optimism, or any other awakened state. 

3.  A shift comes through a spiritual discovery.   Spirituality is not the same as religion, although, for some, many aspects of religions can be a useful conduit to spirituality.   Spirituality is the discovery, and the process of discovering, what you knew when you are born, what you know eternally;  it’s recalling those memories, recalling that wisdom, and getting back to tapping into inner wisdom and universal knowledge.

4.  Integrating these awakenings is the path to a happier life.  For me, the evidence comes from the experiences of my own life, as well as through the observation of and testimonials from thousands of clients who have benefited from the information that I share.  

5.  Spiritual awakenings can be ignited from an infinite number of sources.  The vehicle for these discoveries may be a certain speaker or book in the self-help industry, meditation, yoga, hanging around nature, honoring one’s personally optimal food and exercise practices, watching a child,  an aspect of a religion, etc.  The vehicle for the discovery is insignificant in comparison to the benefits that the discoveries bring. 

So enjoy your AHA moments and take time to appreciate how you stumbled upon them!

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Comments (2)

1. Rene Licari said on 10/19/15 - 07:57PM
I use to agree with that statement, thank you for spreading new light on that. At times I felt that the self help industry was just a waste of money but I've peeled away a lot of layers lately and couldn't agree with you more. Looking back I took what I needed to move forward.
2. Karen Garvey said on 10/20/15 - 12:37PM
Thank you, Rene! And whatever you have done along the way WORKS! :-)

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